Vitamix vs. BlendTec vs. Breville Blenders

Let’s do some history for a while. We are going to the 15th and 14th centuries. This was the period when crushing of grains was common for farmers, no actually, every member of the community. Women and children used to crush grains by grinding them against stones. The outcome especially grains, wheat, and cereals were amazing. The customers who wrote the review said, it was the fist-time she has used Breville juicers. This kept me thinking, how did I decide on which blender to buy?

Vitamix-PRO-750They did not let any grains go to waste. Although they ate raw roots, the nutritional balance was just perfect. Industrialization took over, new ways of grinding cereals and roots were developed. Finally, the technological era took over and blenders were created.

I can’t imagine using a grinding stone to grind grains spin by bulls or cows. I always read buyers guide on latest kitchen appliance especially on blenders. I am a lover of smoothies, purees, and crushed peanuts.

All this is only possible not by grinding stones but by using highly powered blenders. You also need to stop thinking about the past centuries on how to cook. Focus on the latest home appliances.

How could you know what to choose?

My partner brought a Breville blenders review last week and I have been reading through the different categories of blender reviews available. There is one which took my interest.

It does not matter which product or type of blender you need. The purpose matters most. I need a blender which could fit my typical smoothies and crushing groundnuts. The ultimate purpose is what I will always choose.

Do not go for the recommendation. What if what your colleague’s uses differ from yours? Choose by reading the many buyer guides available and decide on what will fit your lifestyle and needs.

The Qualities to Choose?vm-pro-series

For example, for me, I will choose the Breville juicers with the best results for blending juices or smoothies. The result matters most when choosing a quality of a blender. Buyer reviews offer information on the right blender to use.

There are many qualities one can use for comparisons. There are power and efficiency. You can choose a high horse-powered blender, but what if its efficiency is poor or low?

You can choose a blender simple controls analog or more digital with panels such as the presets. You can also go for price. Blenders do not come cheap. Prices vary based on performance, durability, designs, and ease of use.

Does Price Matter?

Read a few buyer guides and compare your thoughts on any reviews recorded by other customers. I was reading the buyer guide which I received from my partner and what stood out is how other customers were priced out.

Price can be a factor which either pushes to consider a Vitamix blender over a Blend Tec blender. But, a Vitamix Blender is expensive with an average rate of $380. Then, you will only have the option of choosing Breville juicers or Blend-Tec blenders. I consider the price as a key element but it is not a consideration when looking for a blender which fits your needs.

Does Result Matter?

International-Blendtec-Blender-ModelsFor me, the result matters most when comparing to the brand, price, and recommendations or reviews. I will look for a blender which makes me enjoy my smoothie or puree. It is a value proposition for choosing the right blender. Flow can you get the necessary evidence for choosing the result?

You can’t test all blenders in the superstore. You can get the right facts from your blender’s reviews. I can get my facts from Breville blenders review. I can share my reviews and you can share too.

This way the reviews can be recorded on the brand’s product specifications. This will help me for future purposes and other customers for buying reviews.

So what could I choose?

I could read the buyer guide and consider my needs. If the Breville juicers meet my expectations I will choose the product. You need to decide and choose what will fit the needs of your blender. Personally, I will choose the Breville juicers.

They are inexpensive and the high horsepower is an added advantage. It is analog with presets unlike the Vitamix and Blend Tec ones. I will pay for the juicer without any second thoughts since I know why I need it and what I will use it for.

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