Hacks On How To Clean Your Juicer

Cleaning a juicer machine appears simple at first glance, but it has more complexity than people think. We are talking about a device which daily interacts with degradable and perishable ingredients that, if not thoroughly removed from the juicer, can contaminate every single following product you make.

So, an in-depth cleansing is more than necessary to your juicer. This profound cleaning is not simple at all, but with these hacks, you will not suffer anymore.

Clean with food-safe products

We are more than used to cleaning our entire houses and utensils with powerful Food-Safe-Kitchen-Cleanerchemical products. But, when attempting to clear your juicer, you may want to reconsider putting chemicals in your beverages. The removable plastic parts of the juicer are often the ones exposed to food, so maybe you would feel safer if you clean them with food-safe solutions.

Lemon juice, vinegar or baking soda have always been an incredible aid when it comes to cleaning surfaces while avoiding the dangers of chemical poisoning or intoxication. We suggest you try mixing vinegar, baking soda and a little bit of water.

Do not let fruit particles dry out

The juicer filter is the part where bad smells come from if not cleaned properly. But here, the secret is not about thoroughness, is about time. The longer you leave your filter dirty, the harder you will be getting fruit rests off. In a matter of minutes, fruit particles can clog the machine and both affect performance and make it smell bad.
You need to rapidly toss your juice filter into a bucket filled with lemon juice, vinegar or soapy water for 5 to 10 minutes.

Dry your juicer

dryEven the best juicer will look horrendous if you do not take care of the watermarks it is always going to receive from each juicing. This is an unavoidable truth a lot of people either miss out on or does not give much thought to. So, they leave their juicers wet and then, they smell like humidity and look bad. You certainly do not want your beverages to taste like humidity.
The solution for this is as simple as drying your juicer after you cleaned it. Watermarks can be rapidly removed with warm water mixed with vinegar, baking soda or lemon juice.

Always keep a towel near

We are handling liquids every time we put our juicer to work. Obviously, it is going to spill all over your kitchen if you do not take care of this aspect. Adding to that, fruit stains stick on almost every surface as they have considerable amounts of fruit sugar or fructose.
It is crucial then to always rely on a towel to rapidly wipe all the stained surfaces. This towel must be for the juicer only and must be cleaned every day. You can perfectly keep it under the juicer, therefore it is always at hand.

Store juices in mason jars


It may sound too simple if we were to tell you that your juicer will remain clean as long as you avoid using it. But it is the truth and it is a nice way to understand that sometimes, making a lot of juice and then storing it could avoid cleaning it so many times.

You can perfectly save juice and other oxidable foods in mason jars. They will keep your product safe for as long as two days. So, make a large bottle of juice and store it for better comfort.

Treat your best juicer the way it deserves to be treated and use these hacks to make the effort of cleaning way simpler.

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