Blender vs Juicer – which is the better choice?

Fruits and vegetables are nutrient-rich and very important components in everyone’s diet. Unfortunately, you can`t only eat so much, and many times you don’t get to eat enough fruits and veggies to sustain your needs. Sure, you can take supplements but nothing is better than chomping on the real thing. Good thing we have blenders. Or juicers. Which one is better anyway? Here’s the low down on blenders and juicers.

Benefits of Blending and Juicing

Fiber or no fiber

With a blender, you get to consume everything. Pulp, juice, and all. There is absolutely no waste and you get to enjoy all the nutrients plus fibers that are present in the entire fruit or vegetable. While with a juicer, you get to consume only the juice from the pulp. It removes the fiber so there is more room to add more fruits or vegetables. You can get more nutrients by sacrificing the fiber.

Digestive assist

If you’re looking to lose some excess weight, you will appreciate how the blender includes all the fibers. The high-fiber content in your blended drink helps to make you feel fuller for a longer time. You get fewer cravings and ultimately eat less during the day.
Meanwhile, a juicer removes the fibers from your fruit or vegetable so your stomach doesn’t have to work too hard on digesting your juice. Your body can then concentrate more on absorbing the nutrients and repairing itself. And all the nutrients are easily absorbed and go exactly where they need to go.

Decisions, decisions…Now that you know more about the benefits of blending and juicing, you’re even more confused. And to add to the confusion, aside from benefits, there are also so different types of blenders and juicers. Plus there are lots of different manufacturers, like Breville, to choose from.

Types of Blenders and Juicers Blenders come in two types:

  • The jug type – it is perfect for making bigger batches of smoothies for family and friends.
  • The single-serve type – If you’re making a smoothie for yourself, the single-serve type is a great choice. They usually come with a removable lid so you can take it with you on the go.

Juicers also come in two different types:

  • Centrifugal juicer – it has a metal blade that spins while pushing the fruit or vegetable pulp against a strainer. The juice is drained off into a container and the pulp is conveniently left behind. Depending on the fruit or vegetable, the pulp may have other uses for skin care or even home cleaning.
  • Slow juicer – also known as a cold press or a masticating juicer. It doesn’t cut up the fruit but rather crushes it and presses so the juice is slowly extracted. This type is more expensive and produced by more high-end brands like Breville.


Now you have even more factors to consider! The most important thing to note, however, it’s this: what do you need? These two machines are similar but they have completely different functions. Your decision on which one to get rests on how you answer your needs. If you have the money, then, by all means, get both. If you can only afford to buy one then choose the one whose benefits you need more. You can always get the other one at a later time.

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