The Best Submersible blenders: Top-3

Submersible Blenders In this review, which is a logical continuation of the recommendations for choosing a submersible blender, we have assembled the really best instruments. Wow read this 7 best hand blender Araboviches!

ErgoMixx – MSM6 7170Bosch

The Bosch brand has long been known to Russians and is loved by many. In the segment of submerged blenders, this German manufacturer of users is waiting for a wide variety of models. All of them are of excellent quality – the manufacturer follows this (it was necessary to visit Bosch plants, so these are not beautiful words). In this review of the best submersible blenders we have taken a model from the new ErgoMixx blender family – MSM6 7170. The main “chip” that is promoted in this blender by the manufacturer is carefully designed ergonomics. Blender is very comfortable in the hand, it’s right for the right-handed and left-handed (this, by the way, checked in Berlin, at the IFA 2012 show, where the blenders of Bosch ErgoMixx could be seen). The blender has a balanced center of gravity, easy-to-use buttons. A special soft-touch coating of the handle of the device (Soft Touch) prevents its slipping out of the user’s hand during operation. The convenience of using the Bosch MSM6 7170 blender is also a spiral wire, which to a lesser extent prevents the user from using the blender and takes up less storage space.

The “leg” of the Bosch MSM6 7170 blender is easily detached from the engine block (plastic casing) using the eject mechanism buttons. The power of the model is 750 W – the maximum in the line (there are six models in all, with a power of 600 W). Here are 12 speed modes – you can choose the optimum processing intensity for any product (recommendations are in the manual). The design of mixing grinding knives – the development of engineers BSH Bosch and Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH – provides four sharp blades made of high-quality “stainless steel”. The Bosch MSM6 7170 comes with a high measuring cup for processing various products in it, a mini chopper, a beater for whipping, a special knife for ice splitting.

Philips HR1669


Naturally, the Philips Avance ProMix series focuses on ergonomics, ease of use of blenders. These moments were worked out by the company’s engineers. For example, in the development of the blender, the Philips product development engineer, mother of two children, Willemein Westendorp, who had her own experience in conducting household management, culinary experience, also transferred to the Philips Avance ProMix blenders, in particular for the convenience of using the devices, convenience of holding them in the hand, easy switching of speeds and pressing of buttons.

Philips HR1669 Please note that the Philips HR1669 submersible blender includes a 10 mm dice nozzle, a large mixing and grinding bowl, a dough knife, a shredder disc and slices, a mini chopper. There is also a roomy (1 liter) glass with a lid for cooking soups, mashed potatoes, smoothies and other dishes. Wide choice of nozzles, which can be purchased additionally. This, for example, “cubic” nozzles – for cutting small and large cubes (7 and 15 mm), even triangles. This and an additional chopper with a bowl of increased volume, a special knife for splitting ice, a nozzle for cooking mashed potatoes, a whisk.


Where in the “blender hierarchy” without the brand Braun? Our review would certainly not be complete, without the model of this well-known in Russia and the world of the manufacturer. This model is a submersible blender Braun Multiquick 5 MR570 patisserie. This is a quality multifunctional blender, which is quite capable of replacing in the kitchen even the average functionality of a food processor. In addition to the blender itself with a metal “leg” with knives for grinding and mixing, there is a large (1.5 l) and small (350 ml) shredders with the appropriate knives, a glass (for making drinks, smoothies, soups) -pure), shredder attachment, for slices, straw, whisk for whipping, special kneading kneading dough. The “leg” of the blender is securely fixed on the engine block and can be easily removed from it – by pressing two buttons at the same time.

Blender power is up to 600 Watts. The speed of work is 15. There is a turbo mode. The body of the motor unit is plastic, with rubber inserts to prevent slipping out of the user’s hand. Well thought out ergonomics – the blender is convenient to hold the right and left hand, the fingers of the same hand (in which the blender lies) are easily reached up to the power button and turbo mode. The speed of operation is convenient to change with the other hand, using a special rotary controller. Braun Multiquick 5 MR570 patisserie – great for any kitchen, facilitates the preparation of food and it provides a fast flow of the basic operations of processing products during their preparation.

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