Vitamix vs. BlendTec vs. Breville Blenders

Let’s do some history for a while. We are going to the 15th and 14th centuries. This was the period when crushing of grains was common for farmers, no actually, every member of the community. Women and children used to crush grains by grinding them against stones. The outcome especially grains, wheat, and cereals were amazing. The customers who wrote the review said, it was the fist-time she has used Breville juicers. This kept me thinking, how did I decide on which blender to buy? Read More


Blender vs Juicer – which is the better choice?

Fruits and vegetables are nutrient-rich and very important components in everyone’s diet. Unfortunately, you can`t only eat so much, and many times you don’t get to eat enough fruits and veggies to sustain your needs. Sure, you can take supplements but nothing is better than chomping on the real thing. Good thing we have blenders. Or juicers. Which one is better anyway? Here’s the low down on blenders and juicers.

Benefits of Blending and Juicing

Fiber or no fiber

With a blender, you get to consume everything. Pulp, juice, and all. There is absolutely no waste and you get to enjoy all the nutrients plus fibers that are present in the entire fruit or vegetable. While with a juicer, you get to consume only the juice from the pulp. It removes the fiber so there is more room to add more fruits or vegetables. You can get more nutrients by sacrificing the fiber.

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